Das Buddhistische Haus

" The Buddhist House’ founded by Dr. Paul Dahlke in Berlin – Frohnau in 1924 survived World War II in a dilapidated condition and probably would have been auctioned and dismantled if the Ceylonese ‘German Dhammaduta Society’ (founded 1952) which inherited a large sum of money from a German Buddhist had not come to its rescue "
Dr. Hans Wolfgang Schumann

" Asian Buddhist mission was successful. The organizational help which Buddhist Societies in Asia, in particular Ceylon, in several critical periods have extended, has saved the flame of the Dhamma in Germany from being blown out by the storm of historical events. Isn’t this for the Germans reason enough to be grateful? " Dr. Hans Wolfgang Schumann

Dr. Paul Dahlke with his Pali teacher
Ven. Suriyagoda Sumangala Thera (~ 1920)